Saturday, November 5, 2011

Menger Bitter

I have moved on to all-grain for my brewing! Instead of using extract syrup or dried extract, it's all-barley, all the time!

My AG inaugural brew I'm calling the 'Menger Bitter', since it's the first, and it's bitter... so yeah.

I don't actually have an all-grain getup, instead I did "brew in a bag" - I bought some fabric on Amazon, which I'm using to hold the grain. On to the recipe!

Batch Size: 3 Gallons.
Estimated - OG: 1.043, FG: 1.013. IBU 60.21 ABV 3.93
4 lbs Rahr 2-Row
.33 lbs Simpsons Caramalt
.20 lbs Aromatic Malt
6 oz Raw Sugar
.80 OZ Northdown (7.2 AA, 60 mins)
.35 OZ Northdown (45 Mins)
1 OZ East Kent Goldings (5 mins)
Whirfloc tablet (15 mins)
Yeast: Neobrittania (saved from last batch)

I mashed the grains at 151 degrees for an hour (temp fluctuated between 150 and 153). I removed the bag and brought the thing to a boil.

It's still on right now, so I don't know how it's going to go. I don't have any special wort chiller either, so that might harm the beer.

In other news, Anna and I reorganized the room! The couch is now in the middle of the apartment and the TV is against the wall - it splits the room in two, which is a good thing!

The last beer, so far, has turned out well. I only got 21 beers worth out of it, but the F.G was 1.011, and is quite mild...

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