Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thanks Tiny E

Thanks to sexual reference, little and I now have a logo. It's very cute.

And to explain the little fish thing, she and I were in bed together and she was currently big spooning (as I was likely playing Fieldrunners on the iPad, or watching Torchwood). I moved around a bit, which prompted from the sleeping little, "want me to be the little fish?" It was cuteness to an infinite level. We're talking over 9,000 here. So, it stuck. I'm big, she's little, and sometimes we switch. Also, we're fish.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big flew away from me on Tuesday, almost eight weeks exactly since he asked me to marry him. 

The airport ordeal is tortuous. First there's the couple of days before hand trying to make the most of precious time, then there's the day itself. I had to work in the morning so we only had a couple of hours together before his flight left. We snuggled, played with the birds, did the last minute apartment check and recheck, stuffed Arby's in our faces and then we were at the airport. After Big and the Punk got all checked in, we sat, kissed, talked and I failed at not crying for about thirty minutes. The time to part came and after bittersweet kisses, tender words and pushed back tears I made myself get on the escalator and leave. My consolation is that this awful long-distance business is temporary. Two months until I fly out to visit him, then he's coming home for Thanksgiving, then he'll be back when school let's out in the middle of December and then, on the two year anniversary of our first date we'll be married. I'm looking forward to the flight we take after that. We won't be flying apart, we'll be flying together to new adventures, a new home and the start of our new life.