Sunday, February 6, 2011

Invitations and Dresses and Pictures, Oh My

Well, the timing is a little off, but I have pictures and they need to be posted!  So here are pics from the wedding invitation stuffing party-like fun times with Erin and Lindsay and lots of red wine!

 The other pre-wedding picture-taking extravagana was the somewhat epic, mostly really long and exhausting wedding dress hunt. The search for "the dress" consisted of hours and hours of online searching, somewhere between 5 and 7 store visits, lots of help from my mom and friends and an eventual happy ending that didn't include "the feeling" but did include satisfaction and good feelings. 

Here's a ridiculous amount of pictures to give you a feeling of how it all went down, and also to show off many of the dresses I didn't get.

There were SO. MANY. DRESSES.

Dress shopping was intense and this was pretty much how it felt.
This was almost the dress.
Could've been. Did have doo dad's afterall.

The skirt was so poofy!
Trying on dresses starts as fun and ends in yawns.
Sadly, this was only about halfway through the first  trip.

We tried to keep our spirits up though!

My Mommy found a pretty dress too!

We whipped out our hipster poses.

The matchy matchyness was totally coincidental and lead to adding another color to the navy and silver scheme.

This was the first dress I tried on. I totally fell in love with it at the time, but in the end it wasn't the one.

At my mom's request I tried on this SUPER poofy dress AND the crazy long cathedral veil. She cried.

I was also very close to getting this one at one point.

It was decided that this was the most flattering and also least me-like dress tried on.

I also this one on like 4 times and almost got it.

In the end, this is the one I went with. Maybe not the best picture of the dress, but I still rather like it  ;)

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