Saturday, August 14, 2010

Imperial Porter

So! I decided to throw pretty much all of my left-over ingredients from my last batch, on top of an english bitter recipe. What I ended up with is probably something like a porter, only more. So I'm calling it an Imperial Porter. If it's good, perhaps this will be the one I will call the Walter Williams Patriot Porter, and give him a 22er of it. If it's bad, then, well, it's bad.

Here are the ingredients:

Mothafucking Porter

¾ lb Black Patent Malt
2 lb Crystal Malt
6 LBS Light DME
5 lbs Dark LME
.5 LBS Corn Sugar
.5 oz Crystal Pellet Hops 3.1AA boil
1 Kent Golding Pellet 4.5% AA full boil
.5 Fuggle 4.0% full boil
.5 Kent Goldings 30 min
1 KG 15 min
.5 Crystal 15 min
.5 Fuggle 10 min
.5 KG 8 min
.5 Cascade 7.5AA 5 min

60 minute boil.
Estimated OG - 1.103
Estimated FG - 1.034
Actual OG - 1.095
Actual FS - 1.032
ABV - 8.5%
IBU 26.21

Put it in the primary August 3rd, but in secondary on August 10th. Still there.

August 18th I bottled it, priming using RAW brown sugar and oxygen absorbing caps.


It's been bottled about two weeks now. It was flat after 4 days, but after 7 days it was well carbonated. I brought a couple to a party, and it got favorable reviews. The flavor seems to be changing as time goes on; initially it was almost like a mild with a slight hop character, but recently the roasted flavor has been becoming more prominent. It's not a bad beer, especially a first one, and considering I let it sit in the fermenter only 4-5 days.

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