Friday, August 20, 2010

And the winner is....

7 Night W. Caribbean - Carnival Liberty Miami
Stops - Cozumel (14 hr) Georgetown Grand Cayman (9 hr) Ocho Rios (7.5 Hr)

We finally picked a cruise!  We decided to go with Carnival because of their wide range of activities and amenities and because they seem to be targeting a younger, more active, more casual crowd than some of the other lines. We went with this cruise inparticular, because of the ports of call and the excursion possibilities. I'm really stinkin' excited about the possibilities in Cozumel: Mayan ruins and underground river tubing!! At the other stops we'll get to laze about on beautiful beaches, maybe do the Snuba (snorkeling+scuba) thing, get to swim with and touch stingrays and hopefully eat some unique and delicious food!

Okay, so the honeymoon is pretty much lined-up. Now I've just gotta get back to the wedding....


  1. UNDERGROUND RIVER TUBING!!!! So jealous and happy for you guys!

    Picture it... just as you're stepping out of your cabin, I'm stepping out of the one next door. I look so surprised! What?!? You mean THIS cruise is your cruise? I thought I booked a DIFFERENT underground river tubing Caribbean cruise! Don't be mad.

    Also, I would like to touch some delicious food and eat stingrays.