Monday, January 3, 2011


Today was a hard day. It was my last day at a job I've been at and loved for 5 years. The day came and went rather uneventfully. I helped a few people, tied up loose ends, finished deleting old files, cleared off my shelves. My going away party was a month ago, and it kind of felt like any other day, or maybe like the day before you go on vacation. I teared up once when I said goodbye to one of my sweetest coworkers but other than that, I was pretty emotionally detached. Nothing really hit me until later when I looked at my key chain and realized it was almost empty. No more keys for work. No more keys to my apartment. My life here in Boise is being slowly erased...

The upside to the day, was that my G-ma came into town! We had dinner with her, my parents and my brother. It was so nice.

Everything these days is bittersweet.


  1. Last days at work are usually a let-down. We somehow hope it will be different, full of send-offs and we'll miss you's...kind of a non-work day. But when everyone is doing their own work, you are kind of left like an outsider looking in...Letting go of something is hard...But Thank goodness you have something new to jump in to, because a new adventure - a new chapter of your life is always exciting. By the way, your key chain will fill up again.

  2. Keep those posts will keep those of us left behind more connected.