Friday, December 17, 2010

Scottish Enlightenment.

I have finally bottled the Scottish/Scotch Ale I brewed three months ago. I got 50 bottles out of it, and did so by sacrificing some of my old homebrews which I haven't been able to get through. A quick review of the three I've bottled before this one:

1) Elbro Nerkte "My Way" English Brown Ale. This is my first, and favorite of the three. It's a simple English Brown Ale that's quite drinkable. The roastedness of it will get a little out of control after the first beer, but that's okay. Other people seem to give it a relatively solid rating, for a first beer at least.

2) Walter Williams Imperial Porter Prototype - I labeled them as the Walter Williams beer, but the way this turned out I need to revoke the name. It's sweet - very sweet, and is almost like drinking prunes. And it's pretty thick. I can't get through a single one. Jered, who was over tonight, gave it positive reviews.

3) Maple Syrup Amber - Sigh. I was expecting so much out of this one. Two mistakes I think I made: Not enough Maple Syrup. I can't taste it. It tastes like a normal amber. Second: Primed with too much sugar and maple syrup. I'm sticking with actual sugar from now on. It got overcarbonated, which makes actually deciphering the taste even harder.

In the fermenter) A North Berlin Sour Ale - It was on sale for $15. I did not realize that it was a sour beer, but it is. I'm really frightened.

Next) Black IPA!

Just Bottled: It's called Karl's 90 schilling, from Northern Brewer. Looked Tasty. I brewed it like, what, three months ago? I was supposed to transfer to another fermenter after two weeks, but I didn't. It was full. This will be my empirical test as to whether leaving it in with the dormant yeast makes the beer taste like bread. I hope not.

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