Thursday, September 23, 2010

Relocation Contemplation

After two months apart - boo! I'm finally visiting Big - yay! I get 9 days with him which is awesome and 9 days to explore this city that will be my new home in 3 1/2 months which is exciting and scary. Life is full of trade-offs so I'm not surprised by the pros and cons of living out here. Maybe I'll blog a list of them later.  The hardest thing, that I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about, is starting fresh. This will be my first real move, or relocation as people like to say, as an adult and I'm moving from a place I really love to a place that's just a giant question mark.  I know Boise like the back of my hand. I have an internal map of the city in my mind and can get just about anywhere without worry. I have a long list of favorites at the ready for almost any occasion. I feel a sense of pride and belonging there.  I have a solid network of friends and family and a job I love. My life is very secure there. It's full of known quantities. Fairfax is going to be something completely different and completely new.  It's exciting to start fresh, to have to figure everything out and discover new things and places to love. To get a feel for the rhythms of the city, the ins and outs. It's also totally overwhelming.  Big and I are planning on moving back to Boise when he's done with school (in about 4 years), and I'm holding onto that almost like a security blanket.  January is coming soon though and everything it's going to bring with it. There are a lot of really big changes on the horizon and I'm trying to prepare for them the best I can. If you've got any tips,  I'd love to hear them.

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