Monday, August 30, 2010

Will all the Crazies Please Stand Up?

As of last Friday, Big and I have been apart for a month. A whole, stinkin, snuggle-free month. That means we hit the halfway mark for our next visit. I'll be flying out to Fairfax  - for only the second time - for 9 days!! Here's the thing with flying from Boise to Fairfax though, it takes all day. Like, really, all day. Flights range anywhere from 7-12 hrs and I lose 2 hrs on my way there. That being the case, I pretty much had two options: get there at 11am or 11pm. The idea of wasting a whole day on travel was abhorrent so I decided to get a little crazy and get there Saturday morning....which means I'll head to the airport straight from work on Friday, deal with two plane changes, hope to God I can fall asleep on the flight and arrive in D.C. very, very punchy the next day. Crazy? Yes. An adventure? Yes. A good idea? We'll see.

1 comment:

  1. A good idea? YES! It means twelve more hours of RyAnna snuggle time!!!